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Bedtime Stories

“I can’t take this anymore. “   This is something that we have encountered more than once in our  lives, and it’s only human to think like that. Some of us dwell over it , some talk, some take it out on their loved ones.  It is said that when we experience adversity, it’s actually good for us, depending on how we respond to it. It is about accepting our humanity with all its ups and downs, enjoying the positive emotions, and harnessing painful feelings in order to reach our full potential.  How i helped or am helping myself? Yes, I do take it out on loved ones from time to time. But, over the years I’ve realised to convert those negatives to positives. I write about it, listen to my favourite music whilst creating a mood board for weeks, find the perfect subject who’s help me bring it out and shoot.  It’s a form of letting go  or meditation, whatever you want to call. Through my series Bedtime stories, i tried bringing out the demons we face, our nightmares.

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