Menstrual Cups

Me: Maa! I've started using She cup!
Maa: What's that?
Me: It's  a menstrual cup (feminine hygiene product) that is inserted into the vagina during your Period.
Maa: YUCK. why would you have something inserted into vagina for 5 days! 

That being said. I started using Mcup last year, and it has changed the way i look at my period!
When I was initially introduced to it, I had my own set of questions.

1. Is it going to pop out?
2. Is it going to fit properly?
3. It's  BIG!
4. Is it going to hurt?
5. I don't know if I'm ready. 
6.What if it goes inside?
7. What if it starts leaking?

As I did more research on it, I realised how good it is for the environment and for YOU.
An Indian women spends an average of Rs1000/year on sanitary napkins and even more on Tampons. Which is a lot if you think about it. Lets say that you are on your period. If you were to use 5 disposable feminine hygiene products a day for 5 days you will use 300 disposable pads or tampons across a year. This grows to over 10,000 disposable products across your lifetime! THAT'S A LOT OF WASTE! However, Mcups( depending on which brand you buy) costs about 1000rs or even less, and they last for about 9-10 years. A minimum of 5 years for sure! 
Yes, there was a slight discomfort for 2-3 months when I initially started using it. But, like all things, it got better with time. What i realised after using Mcup:

1. You won't notice it's inside you.
2. You can go swimming on your period.
3. You can work out in peace.
4. They're good for the environment.
5. It's a GREAT Investment.
6. It prevents TSS( Toxic Shock Syndrome)
7. NO odor.
8. Cost efficient
9. gentle on sensitive skin.
10.They're reusable
11. Longer wear
12. No strings attached
13. Doesn't  absorbs moisture

If you are hiking in the woods or camping out in the wild, menstrual cups can be the best menstrual health product to manage your period.

What material is the menstrual cup made of?

By and large, reusable menstrual cups are made from one of three different materials:
  • Silicon
  • Natural gum rubber (latex)
  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Silicone menstrual cups are currently longer lasting of the three material choices. Latex and TPE will start to break down earlier than silicone but still have an incredibly long shelf life.
The majority of menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicon. When choosing a menstrual cup it is important you take your allergies into consideration. Latex allergies are not uncommon and using the incorrect material could prove dangerous. Natural gum rubber has been known to trigger latex allergies.
There is one exception to the rule and that is the Softcup. The Softcup is made from polyethylene.

A few problems you'll face( BUT nothing to worry about!)
  • More mess. 
  • Difficulty of insertion for some. 
  • Possible fit problems. 
  • Cup removal issues. .
  • Maintenance. After each cycle, sterilize the cup using boiling water or a sterilizing solution used for baby bottles. She cup sells wipes as well. But, i also found out that you can use Vwash. 


1. Read the instruction manual accompanying your choice of Mcup.

The first time you use it, it should be boiled as well( read the manual). Soap should never be used on a menstrual cup. It can cause yeast infections amongst other problems.

FOLD Choose a folding method and fold the cup
RELAX You can stand, squat, sit, or raise one of your legs. Hold your cup firmly and guide it towards your vagina
SEPARATERelax your pelvic muscles and gently separate your labia with your other hand
INSERT Guide your cup into your vagina, pointing it upwards toward the base of your spine. Try to keep the cup folded until the cup body is entirely inside of your vagina
RELEASEGently release the folded cup – the cup will pop open and create a sealing suction
CHECK Run a finger along the base of the cup to ensure that it has opened completely – if you feel any folds, hold the base of your cup and gently rotate it until it opens completely and creates a sealing suction
ROTATE Gently hold the base of the cup, not the stem,
and try to rotate it from side to side to ensure it is sealed.

These three are my favourite :

It just looks big. :) 


Wash your hands. Depending on your flow, you can leave the cup inside for 4-12 hours. The more you use it- you'll get an idea. 

RELAX! You can stand, squat, sit, or raise one of your legs. Being relaxed is essential for the removal of your cup. Insert your fingers into your vagina and locate the base of your cup – if you cannot reach it, gently pull on the stem until you feel the cup body’s grip rings. PINCH Once you feel your cup, pinch the bottom in order to release the sealing suction. REMOVE Shimmy your cup from side to side while
guiding it out of your vagina. Keep it upright to avoid spills

EMPTY Empty your cup in the toilet or sink. When wet, your cup can be slippery, hold it tightly while emptying

How firm is the menstrual cup?

Certain brands of menstrual cups are firmer than others and can vary according to the size of the cup itself.
A firmer menstrual cup will pop open after being inserted easier than a softer cup. A firmer cup may press tighter against the vaginal wall which can result in a tighter seal which in turn prevents leaking.
The downside is that some women find a firmer menstrual cup less comfortable to wear than a cup softer cup.

How to choose the right menstrual cup for your body

Unlike tampons and pads, menstrual cups are a bit more difficult to fit. It may take you a few cups before you find the perfect one for you. It’s not a perfect science but by taking the steps into consideration you will be able to make an educated guess. Chances are you will love your new menstrual cup!
There are different brands available in India. You may have noticed that many of these are actual brand names of menstrual cups. When talking about menstrual cups, many women refer to them by their brand rather than the broad term “menstrual cup”. 

2. SilkyCup
4. DivaCup
5. Vcup

Just do a bit more research before you buy one for yourself. :) 

Made a small video for you as well :)

If you have any questions, please post them below- i'd be more than happy to answer them. Also, share, like and subscribe. :) 



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