How to get published.

A lot of people ask me from time to time i.e. how I got published in so many magazines, in a short span of time. Well that is a completely different story. You call it, determination/focus, I set goals or just believe in yourself. Trust me; it can do wonders for you.

Today, I am going to talk about* How to get published*. Any photographer wants their photographs published; just like an Artist/ writer or anyone. You want the world to see your work. And how do you go about getting the world see what you do? Trust me on this, most photographer won't tell you how they got published. I've seen it and i think it's not a good thing.

The 1st thing I do is to find out who wants to see these photographs. It could be a website, a photo-blog , a really famous magazine or a magazine solely for photographers. You, need to sit down and really think about it . What type of audience you’re trying to attract? Whenever I submit my work, I always, always read the * SUBMISSION GUIDELINES*. Yes, this is the most important rule whilst submitting your work. Don’t just send them your random work, they won’t reply back; trust me. Think about it, look at your images, and choose the ones that really stand out. You need to know what the magazine is looking for. Most of them have themes. Read them, carefully. Few magazines ask for hard copies too.

One of the 1st magazines I was published in was an Art/Fashion magazine from California/Sweden called * Haute Magazine*. That was the happiest moment of my life, to see your photographs in print, in a magazine is just breathtaking. A very important rule, I repeat * A VERY IMPORTANT RULE*; NEVER and I say NEVER pay a magazine to publish your work. You are the photographer; you should be the one getting paid, not the other way around. I remember a magazine once asked me to pay them if I wanted to get my work published, since I was new and had very little knowledge about how things work in the industry. My gut told me not to, since the beginning, I’ve had a clear cut rule; never pay someone to publish your work. Since then i have been published/exhibited in more than 18 magazines across the globe in 1 year.

Don’t feel bad if they decline your work. Instead, learn from it. Let me tell you a secret, my work has been declined PLENTY of times. Earlier, I used to feel bad about it.Felt like giving up on photography. But, now it hardly matters. Work harder and never stop believing in yourself. Be Kind.

I hope this blog post helped? :)

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  1. Thank you! lovely blog post... :) helped me alot.

  2. A little naive but where do you find the submission guidelines, for most pro beginners that would be an important tip. You nicely summed the work needed on the attitude in your blogpost. Truly motivating

  3. Lovely, thank you so much!

  4. Thanks much bhumi!

  5. You're welcome, love. I hope it helped . :)
    and Tejesn : most website have a submission tab. Click on it and you'll get all the information. :)

  6. Its 20.30 IST and I was wondering what a bad day it was....but your last line on not giving up really made my day.

  7. thanxx fo sharing dear ...

  8. wonderful energy booster for all those photography enthusiasts,as wonderful as ur work........Great

  9. How to get in touch with different Magazines ?

    Thats what i had been looking for :/

  10. hi bee my name is swapna and im a photographer from chennai although few of my works have been published in a mag in chennai i din really know how to go about getting my photos published in other publications and i got declines several times and that really hurt me ..reading ur article has really inspired me and u urself are a great inspiration to me... :)

  11. Hey hey! am glad it helped. :) x

  12. This is so stimulating. It applies to every walk of life and not just photography. Great writing. Thanks.


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