Heh. Well, Happy New Year everyone. :) Hope you had a wonderful time and i hope you have an even wonderful year ahead.  I had a rather quiet new year compared to last year; which was good and … well let's just leave it to good. Bombay can get a bit lonely at times. Though i was with family- which is good. Which is always good.  But, i did miss my friends who were all in Gurgaon.  2013 was full of surprises- Great shoots, met some amazing people last year, Heartbreak. But, it was all worth it. :) Nokia got in touch with me and sent me to Jodhpur to test the new 1020. Then after a few days i was off to Dubai for a shoot. Whilst going through different blogs on 31st, i always end up reading Mastin's The Daily love.  Honestly, he's one of the few who helped he get through hardship.  So, on New Year's eve i ended up reading one of his blogposts which went something like this: 

Generally, around this time of the year, I’d write a piece on “letting go,” but that’s not what I want to write about today. I have another idea in mind for you, dear seeker.
Which is this.
Imagine yourself 10 years ago. 2004.
Where were you?
What were you doing?
Who were you with?
What were you going through?
Different innit?  :) I personally can't see myself going back; I was in some of the darkest days of my life.  Painful years.Dreadful moments.So, i did this and felt happy as to where i am right now.   
Just think of it like this, even though you went through ALL of THAT, you made it to today. :) Use this as evidence of how stronger you are, and how loving the Uni-verse really is. And then, with this new evidence, perhaps you will have even more faith and desire to march with your head up and your chest proud into the unknown. Why? Because when you look back at your life 10 years from now, you will feel the same way then and that is… that no matter what happened… you made it. You have  to love Mastin for this.  I adore him. x

Make mistakes, take risks and dive in. 

Much love,


  1. beautiful beeee. Happy new year

  2. Happy new year, you. :)

  3. Hi Bhumika,
    I just stumbled across you in Light Stalking, I came across a picture taken by you in "How to Capture Portraits That Are More Than Just Snapshots". Then I went to Flickr and went through your profile, and here I am reading your blog.
    I really impressed by your determination, I am sure you are already living your dream with so many achievements and would have many more achievements to be feel proud of. Go for it!
    I am your follower.

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