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I am sorry, this feels weird. writing a blog again i last post is dated january 19th! i’m a bad blogger! but then i have a few reasons or just events that have been going in my life which somewhat distracted me from blogging.My exams started on the 15th but got extended till the 25Th and then so many things happened! then i was busy with family, photo shoots and whole lot of stuff. My best friend was in town, so i though i'd shoot (not literally) her, I did 2 shoots with her. Even helped her making a video for her MTV thing, so yeah 25-4th Feb went by like crazy! but thing got a little weird. It hurts when people lie.
I am just dying to see my work in 2 magazines! One a fashion mag in the U.S ( Haute Magazine) and another one in Spanish which will be out on 14th April. Things have been a little messed up but I am hanging in there, i am working hard to achieve my dream, it is like i can express myself more when i take pictures. apart from that I am dying to travel around the world! I am determined to work hard and save money. I have plans to travel to New York, London at the moment. so work work work. Sometimes it feels really hard , i feel so weak that i wont be able to do it, but i have such amazing opportunities coming my way*touchwood* . Hope everything works out.
and FINALLY i got one of my Jimmy Choo bag , which i won. My pictures were displayed in Selfridges , London In October.
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