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I’ve been staring blankly at my computer screen, with no ideas coming to mind. first i was struggling finding a title for this blog post (which i still haven’t decided on at the moment, and will most likely only write down once i’m done writing the whole post) and then i was thinking, wait, what was i even going to blog about? actually i don’t even know. i think i just feel guilty when i don’t post in a little while… but then, you don’t always have things to talk about. or you simply feel they aren’t newsworthy. so here is goes;my last blog post was about a month ago, i feel like i’ve neglected this blog way too much again, but in a way.. things have happened. Since college is over now, I am concentrating on photography. Trying to build a unique portfolio and doing commission shoots side by side. last month i did a photoshoot using my friends Yasmine, Samrridhi and Nandita as a models, I had a really pretty location in mind. The photoshoot went really well, i wanted to click more, but it was way too hot.
My shoot got published in Bite! magazine and phototech magazine(mexico). Then short trip to lala land. It was nice, met interesting people, but then i had to come early, because people tend to take you for granted and i simply hate that. ah, i don't even want to talk about it. Thank god i came early. Bah! and i was interviewed by HT recently , too much fun! I was soo shy, it's not even funny! the photographer told me to smile and i started laughing. Oh man. I cant wait to see my article! People have started asking me why aren't you posting new work? Simple answer: I am not allowed to!
My upcoming shoots are going to be killer! hint: super cars, swimming pool and art! oh maai god! i am super excited. shush.
For more updates you'll have to wait.


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