I don't want to be effin' mainstream.

My stay in bombay has been a roller coaster ride so far. I know you want to hear about it, there is so much to say and so much i can't yet say. So i was wondering whether i should wait or tell you what i can now, aa like you even i am very impatient.
Sometimes i don't feel that i am human, i feel that the moon is only 10 steps away. i hate travelling to the same places again and again, i don't know why. But this time it was completely different, I felt like a small fish in the ocean, who wants to make it and be different and shine.I remember being on the plane, i was actua lly very excited, though i refused to look out because i forgot to take out my camera. I wanted to capture it, the surreal clouds, sea. everything! but couldn't.
My 1st day in bombay was spent in bed. I was staying at my friend's house, I felt free, i thank my parents for letting me experience what i am feeling right now. i'm sorry for growing up so quickly and i'm sorry for leaving. but i know you understand better than anyone else. Thank you for giving me the freedom, i know that you are scared and worried , but dont be, i'll be fine.
The following days were spent exploring the city and shooting, late night walks to marine drive, bright lights and even the loudness of it all, theobroma( yummiest place after cocoberry). first 5 days were spent organising, meetings , calling people, shopping.
I see the (big shot) photographers over here, here in India, particularily in Bombay. I personally feel that people should express themselves and not copy. To be honest i don't like their work, its very superficialand boring. I don't feel anything when i see the images.
I know my work is different, soft, inspiring, all that prettiness. and i know my work will get notice. because outside india, it is. I know it will take time over here, but it will . Because I believe.
i feel like i've said nothing in this whole post, like i've left out the world, but i won't go on forever. and if you know me or will know me, maybe i'll tell you more stories when we meet.

Will keep you posted.


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