I Feel Like A Gypsy

So here i am, this city is crazy. I have been travelling so much, day and night shooting, meeting new people- tiredness doesnt matter. I think i am going to enjoy my new life. This trip has taught me so much! I am working really hard to build a portfolio, and i will do it, no matter what it takes. So i have been in this city for quite a while now, but still it feels that it's only been 2 days. Time has gone so quicky! I need to shoot! there is so much more to do here! there is not enough time! I want to show you guys what ive shot so badly! but unfortunately that will only happen once i reach home.
I love it here, the sad part is * I don't miss home* . I really dont. but i miss talking to my friends, i really do.
Will keep you posted,


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