Facts about Bee

#1. I don't share food when i am hungry.
#2. I had electric red wild hair when i was in school (i used to hide it really well).
#3. I won my 1st (National -Level)gold medal when i was 10 years old( All-India Painting competition)
#4. I have a crazy brother and yes we still play WWE. I love him. He thinks twice before doing anything, I don't.
#5. I am obsessed.
#6. I hate math.
#7. I love my band tees.
#8. I am very unattached to things, photography is the only thing i don't want to let go off.
#9. I love Uncle Chips/Lays/Crax.
#10. My grand dad is a photographer. ( I love his photographs)
#11. Big Fish changed my life.
#12. I love my Film camera.
#13. I love Winter.
#14. Photography just happened.
#15. 1st heartbreak = 17 years old.
#16. My 1st exhibit when i was 19 years old.
#17. I was a huge Black Metal fan.
#18. I still love metal/ost/Indie/Instrumental music

Thats it for now.


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