A Different World

A different world, a different universe. call it whatever you want. I've met some really wonderful people this year.

A little preview from my photo essay * A different World* . These photographs were taken when i was in Bombay. There is so much to shoot in Bombay, I am serious. I was out most of the time and i couldn't stop clicking. I was with my friend Rohn and we were discussing about photography. I was planning to photograph him, but it didn't work out because i got busy. But when i was with him, i told him i want to shoot something different, like a tattoo parlor, I am sure everyone living in Bombay has heard of Al's. I met them and let me tell you they are very sweet and down to earth. Every time i was near Bandra, i used to go to their studio and just talk to them. We became good friends. Olly and Arun are really funny guys and Aj, super cool and so many people actually!! and how can i forget Ronan, the cutest and most adorable chile i have seen!.I asked them whether i could photograph their day to day routine for a magazine and they agreed. so here is a small preview from my photo essay.



  1. I love them! You really seem to like cross processing!

  2. i love me and the stuff you have written about me...ha ha ha...cheers for the new year girl...and when i get my blog...gimme some cool comment.ha ha.

  3. Beautiful pictures..I was 'wow-ing' each one of them..and you guys are awesome Olly!!! :-)

  4. I do agree with you Bhumika.....Al and rest of them are majestic people. I just adore them and their creativity.....

  5. The last one id def my favourite!


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