In Transit.

I know,  been long. hasn't it? I miss blogging. I do, i really do.  As most of you know i was unwell for the longest time. I still am. But, better. :) I awoke this morning thinking that it was raining, whilst The XX playing in the background; but itwas just my mind playing tricks on me again. 

I managed to forget that a year ago today, I was in bed, almost fighting death. How can I manage to forget that? I mean death, seriously. This is nothing especially new - I've forgotten and then remembered so many things, from birthdays to my own life's major events.But it's a learned function, that suppression and then sudden remembrance. Five years of waking up and begging for death teaches it, quick.As a side effect of that particular course, a memory already hazy and unreliable turned worse. A great many moments became lost; smudged.

 Today, i realized, how far I've come. both emotionally and physically. physically,yes, i am much much better.After n number of blood tests and running to the hospital every week, getting my endoscopy done and all that jazz, I've stopped drinking for good, no fried food ( NO KFC!)nothing. This brand new me is healthy and going strong. I've started shooting regularly now, which is good. Which is really GOOD. :)

Emotionally, well, you know the drill. Ups and downs of life. Love and everything. I was in love, probably still am, who knows. The universe has a funny way of getting back to you. People talk about the Bermuda Triangle, but nobody talks about the circle of life. Though it's over, may it is , maybe its not. Nobody really knows. But,having a reputation of getting scared of love, this time i didn't run away; I stood there, till the end. It was beautiful. I am happy, because i gave my everything. I know the universe has BIG plans for me. I can feel it. I am getting there. :) Maybe it will be him, maybe it will be someone WAY better. Only time will tell. But, i hope you're happy. I do, i really do.

I thought i'd post some of the photographs from my editorial " In another dimension" So, here you go. :) 

Much love,


  1. I am an admirer of your work and after reading about your tryst with life i admire you too.
    Keep going
    best wishes

  2. Nice informative post. Thank you for sharing this post.


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