Her Diary

“Sometimes I photograph to vent, sometimes I photograph to drown.”

When I was young, expressing myself was one of the most difficult things for me.  I used to let people know about how I felt through my drawings, through my words.  I tried.  Till now, am usually silent when they ask me what is it that I am trying to portray through my photographs. I believe the best answers are given in silence.  When you face tragedy, the only cry is silence. Rest is just noise.
However, I've come to believe that creativity stems from an unmet desire. A desire to be seen, a desire to be expressed. And many times that desire comes from being uncomfortable.

“If uncomfortable means, being vulnerable. So be it.”
“If uncomfortable means, being in love. So be it. “

 I was chained to meet you.  The strongest drug that exists for a soul is another soul. Looking into your eyes, going on a journey. Your lips were my dosage and the tongue was tip of the free-fall. And slowly, you disappeared, without a trace.  You were..

A disaster? Or Grace?

In the dark, one believes less and sees more. And darkness, sometimes, is a comfort with no floors or ceilings. A space to breathe with no looking back. It is the uncomfortable and scary places that we create the best.. And that’s how Her Diary came into existence.

“Our souls can’t be written, they must be felt.”

Being so uncomfortably comfortable with what I felt, perhaps still feel.  In the soul, there’s no place to hide. Each step outside my comfort zone brought fear. And with fear came resistance. And with resistance came friction and in that friction- life was born.
I’m a very private person, and a very few people know me inside out; Also, very bad with ending things. Her Diary is a portal, a window into my soul.  



  1. she speaks not just for herself...but others like and maybe unlike her.

  2. this is so so so amazing

  3. Very raw and real. Fascinating and evocative at the same time.

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  6. loved the way you speak via your pictures, and from 1st to last pic here, it showed story well:)

  7. amazing way to lash out ur feelings ...!!

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  9. when emotions are real they are kind of raw. When it is raw, it taste like baked food not the fried ones..

    awesome work!

  10. Very nice, except for what seems like very hairy legs in the first picture.


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