I've been staring at my computer screen, thinking what to write. Heh, it's funny because people who know me say  i talk a lot. But, when it comes to my work, i don't. Am usually very quiet when people ask me what am trying to portray through my photographs. I believe the best answers are given in silence.

The only thing i can answer right now is that, " Photography is something i cannot live without; My own little world where no one can enter. Let me tell you the truth , Solitude  is not scary. It is bliss and also a circus of possibilities."  Everyone has their own version of Solitude, trust me. 

A few pictures i shot of these beautiful girls for my Series " Her Diary" . Just a  sneaky 'cause am still working on it. The Second Chapter is called Bird. :) 
A quote from the chapter, " Distance is a strange metaphor. Sometimes you may be absent, and still be more present than ever. "

Much love,


  1. Lovely photos Bhumika! Keep it up.

  2. Yes! you're back with Her Diary! eagerly waiting for new images.


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