My beginning and inspiration

I have been so busy with work its not even funny! I'll speak about that later.
Recently i have been getting many requests like from where i get my inspiration and how i started with photography.
recently someone asked me "

Were you born and raised in India?? It seems like your influences (likes & interests) are so Western did you become familiar with all the stuff you know about "

Lots of stuff inspires me! especially music and Tim burton movies! he is the biggest inspiration!
and emotions!
Ok when i first started which was about a year an a half back,I didn't know much about photgraphy. barely a %, i just use to click pictures and feel good about it. But now i have been doing lot of research, i study about lenses, the techniques, how to manipulate light and use my creativity.
Don't feel bad if you don't know stuff! ask people who know about it and discuss with them. :)
Planning a shoot takes lot of work trust me! I do my research alot when i shoot, look for models, surreal locations. My recent shoot which i did about a week back, lot of shit happened. I had 3 beautiful models in mind out of which only 1 showed up and i had to find other 2 at last minute! They did a good job!
IMPORTANT: always look for a model who you think is best for your theme!
Sometimes preparing for a photoshoot might take longer then you think, i draw ideas out and vision images in my head i want to create as an end result.

I hope this blog entry helped? tell me what inspires you!


  1. How do you get the best out of a simple digital camera like a Kodak C160 or something!?! Cause that's all I have to work with as of now!


    You're work is amazing!

  2. Thank you! :)
    part of being creative is to know what you are good at. :)If you have the vision, nothing can stop you. :)
    I started off with a point and shoot.

  3. do u paid dat models?


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