Hey everyone,
my exams were on and i wasn't coming online much. sorry for staying out of touch! so now that they are over i am planning to do few shoots , i want it to be perfect i have so many expectations and i have some good news to tell you guys.
I just want to tell you that
2 of my pictures got published in Carpaccio magazine, Spain! you can check put print version on my twitter

and i am amongst the finalist for Naomi Campell's search for next fashion photographer, the result will be announced very soon.

and one more thing! my picture got published in DIGITAL CAMERA MAGAZINE! may issue! its distributed worldwide! see and buy it and tell me what you think!
Please note:Digital Camera Magazine is known as Digital Camera World outside of the UK. The content is the same in both magazines.

Follow me on twitter for all the latest updates on my photography!

If you have any questions that you want to ask me , feel free to post them on
and i got another editoial feature in slang magazine, colombia!
you can check all my updates on Twitter! :)
Much love,


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