Bombay shoot

Whilst i was in bombay i photographed a band, tattoo artists, actors, tv celebrity, super yum models etc etc. sigh, i miss it!
The excitement, meeting stylists, the atmosphere, chaos . everything. I have so much to retouch it's not even funny! That is one of the reason why i am not taking new work. I thought why not give you guys a sneaky! This is from my editorial called * Lullaby*.

This was my second last shoot. and my beautiful friend Krish agreed to model for me. We started the shoot pretty late because i was unable to find her house. Bandstand is confusing. :s
This was my first shoot from my new 50mm. I was so excited!
She was so nervous, i just told her to chill and be herself. I had a different idea for this particular shoot, but that didn't happen. Anyway, I had fun! the shoot got over around 7:30 and you guys know how the bombay traffic is , i had to take a train to Thane . The autowala tells me *return ticket hai?* and i said yeah. So he drops me off at Sion station and damn i ran for my life! Firstly, I had no clue where i was. Secondly, My mum was calling me. Thirdly, Which platform? :s
To be honest, i felt like Indiana Jones! with one broken leg and finally it was platform number 12. But still i kept asking people * is this train going to Thane*?
I was so tired by the time i reached home, it was not even funny. But it was fun, i felt free. :)
Here are some of the pictures i shot of Krish.


  1. Hehe! u and your adventures! :D

  2. they look prettty killer man.. i know this editorial will be kick ass :) <3
    create magic.. and you will :)"


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