Eulogy of HDD

It was a gift, from my brother.. I usually keep back up of my work. But I made a mistake this time. I forgot to save all my new work.From Reebok to everything... gone, just gone. Even the wedding i shot, but thankfully, i had the photographs in my camera and laptop. The pain is unbearable. Everytime i look at my photographs, something inside of me just dies. I tried. I tried so hard. to get it fix.. Went to few data recovery specialists. One of them told me that it can be repaired. I was so happy! but then Maa told me that you don't know the guy, don't trust him. So i took it back and gave it to someone who was a good friend of my dad. Then after a few days, i gave him a call and he told me that the disc is broken and can not be repaired. Everytime i want to cry, i force back the tears with all my might. But when i heard that it can not be repaired and would cost me good 25-30,000 rs. It was too much to handle.
Tears started falling down my face, like rain on a cloudy day. Heartache. I cried for 2 good days. couldn't eat. couldn't sleep. But i had to be strong. My brother tried to convince me, he said " It's a part of life, just think this way have your whole life ahead of you, this is not the end of the world, it's not like you'll stop shooting!" Sometimes i think he is a 60 year old man trapped in a 17 year old boy. I took his advice and got in touch with all the friends/editors/brands i've worked with. They said that they'll courier me the images. Hopefully i'll be able to recover some of the images.

Note to self: always.. no matter what.. keep 2 back ups.


p.s : i still think that the guy who told me about the broken disc is wrong, and i will not stop trying and ask other specialists. I keep praying , " Oh Universe, help me". Everyday. if that doesn't work out.. i still have it under warranty.


  1. good luck with any recovery you try. I sure hope it works out for you. agonizing to loose all your work.

    sending you good vibes~~~~

  2. i had the same problem...n lost my sleep...sadly for i cud nt recoover i wish it does nt happen wit u...i knw the pain...all the best :)

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