Their wedding.

I am not dead, i promise. I have just been extremely busy with life and work. So much has happened! I don’t feel like writing anything heavy.Recently i shot my 1st wedding , to be honest, i was extremely nervous and excited. I have said no to plently of wedding photography offers before. But when i met Siddhant(Groom) and Sanskriti(Bride) and their lovely family, I just couldn't say no! Since everything was taken care by the groom and his family, i was all set!
I was staying at IIT Roorkee. When i entered the campus and i must say this.. it looked like a movie set. Reminded me of the movie 3 Idiots. :P Siddhant's house was just 5 minutes away from the campus.
Mehndi, Sangeet, Engagement,Haldi and Wedding! 3 days of absolute madness and fun and yummy food! Sangeet was my favorite! I have never seen such a funny family. full of life and so bollywood! The groom's parents very kind and treated me like their own child. I remember one of Siddhant's uncle asking me" Beta, is this the only thing you do? you are so young.. aren't you scared?" I laughed and said" No uncle, it's nothing like that, If you love something or someone, why be scared? "
Last minute wedding drama, behind the scenes. fun fun and fun.Made some good friends over there. I think i will take up more wedding offers. It is hectic but super fun!
here are some of the pictures! screen shots, don't mind but i can't upload individual photographs.

Much love,


  1. oh my, I just love Hindi weddings, they're so beautiful! how wonderful you got to photograph one.

    Can't wait to see your photos from it~

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