Amritsar- Kashmir- II

I know i am super late. but lets being? :) Our 10 day trip started with a BANG! We took the metro from Gurgaon till New Delhi Railway station. Reached on time and my cousin comes up to me and says * The Train is running 2 hours late!* In this scorching heat, almost 40 degrees. All of us sat down, took out all the food we had packed and started eating. HA! i know but thats how me and my cousins are. A little crazy. Whilst everyone kept staring , we didn't bother. So after the yummy food, we found out that the train was running 4 hours late. God bless you Indian Railways. So my mother, being the superwomen she is. Told us jump into next train that comes, and yes thats what we did. With no tickets. Group of 14 people, God bless the  our TC, he was God in disguise. We didn't want to miss a single day , so reached Amritsar at 11pm. Stayed in a hotel next to The Golden Temple. It's divine.

We were there for just 1 night . If you haven't been to Amritsar, You must! It's divine and everyone is very friendly. And the FOOD! Super delicious food! The Lassi, Kulcha, Paratha everything! . We just saw Wagah Border from a distance as we weren't allowed to go inside. And Attari Station is a must see. Train from Pakistan comes Every Sunday and leaves Monday morning. So i asked the TC how much does the ticket cost? He laughed and said 25 Rs + Visa( Thats how much the cycle rickshaw wala takes from my place till the metro station; 30rs and ofcourse minus the visa. heh).  So if you plan to go to Pakistan for your next trip, you know what to do. 

Since we had only 10 days. We left for Jammu the next day. Road trips are fun if you have good company.
Much love,


  1. Yeah Road trips are fun! can't wait to read more! XD

  2. It's so well written :) such lucid writing and so descriptive..I am in love with this! Can't wait to read the next post! Well done!! :D

  3. I felt as if i have visited Amritsar . It has been written really nicely. Cant express further !

  4. yeah, Amritsar is divine. I hope you'll find Jammu; spiritual.. keep rolling buds !!

  5. Amritsar summed up really well:) I myself love the place.
    And oh the first bit left me laughing :D

  6. dude ur mom is a super woman ! i dont think i knnow so many auties\mom who would wan to train hop ! hah ! kick ass.. though i wish u could have taken a pictures when u were jumping hehe :D . u be my blog <3


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