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I get asked all the time, in emails, personal messages, on my blog; what inspires me and what advice i would give to young photographers . Like you already know, even i am young, even am constantly evolving and redefining my style.  So, here goes: 

  • Music - Everyone listens to different types of music. Some like RnB, pop, rock. For me, music plays a major role in my photography. For me Indie, Folk, rock work wonders. Because i can't post all the videos, here's a small list of music/people that inspire me. Maybe they'll inspire you as well. 

The list goes on and on. :)
  • Emotion: Major major major part! I get this urge every time i photograph someone, I want  my photographs to show how am feeling. If am sad, happy or feeling insecure, in love. Everything. Like i said earlier, i can't click regular fashion photographs, that's not me.  

  • Places: Now i know many of you ask me, where i find my locations. It's not a big secret, really. I am an explorer; maybe what inspires me, will not inspire you. A tree, a small garden where old people come for their evening walks etc etc. You need to open your mind and feel the wind. Spread your energy. Every time i find a location, i close my eyes and let the wind do the talking. really, am not kidding. I am a little weird.

  • Books:  Lots and lots of it! I love plays. A huge fan of History,Geography,Science and Political Science. I love the universe, planet and star. I love to read about them.

  • Be yourself:  I never click photographs to make someone happy, though i try to make them better each and every time i click an editorial. Take photographs for yourself first, look at them , if they make you happy and satisfied, then go ahead and show them to the world. If they don't like it. It's not your problem. If you're happy in the end it really doesn't matter at all.You have to be happy with your work. When i first started out, i experimented a lot, i still do. But, in the beginning i wasn't really happy with my photographs. But now, am happy, i am showing the world how i actually feel. 

  • Support If it weren't for the support of my family and friends; i wouldn't be here, writing this blog post. My friends have supported me through my ups and downs. Photography is a really tough business to be in. You have to be different if you want to stand out. I thank my Maa who's always supported me. My brother Nilesh, who's so smart and  constantly helps me with my decisions(Yes, he handles most of my client accounts and he's only 18). My Dad, for being so patient.  All my friends! I thank Aimee, she will always be my favorite model. If you don't know, she was the 1st person i ever photographed. And she is so beautiful!  Thank you Aimee. :)

  • Love and Be Kind : Never ever stop doing that. yes, i do feel hurt. Yes, i do get angry. Yes, sometimes i don't know how to react if someone says he loves me.  I've made mistakes, but never stop loving someone.  I can express love through my photographs but in reality am still learning. Be kind. 

I want to keep on writing, but i guess it ends here. I hope this blog post helped and inspired a few of you. :)
Much love,


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