You'll be mine

Hello beautiful people, 
yes i am going to post as many photographs as i can till am free. I don't want my blog to be dull. Yes, so these latest set of photographs are very close to my heart. As i said earlier, i am obsessed with long long hair. So i found a really beautiful girl who is also a friend of mine to do a small shoot for my book and a magazine. But, i never knew that she would be THAT good. I basically wanted to let go of some of the feelings inside my soul .

So, You'll be mine is a story about a girl who fell in love with the guy of her dreams, they were perfect, but all of a sudden everything went trembling down. She didn't know who she was anymore and lost her soul . Later, she gained her confidence back and said to herself, she is not going to let herself feel that way ever again. Though, she still loves him, but now things are going to be a little different and someday they'll be back together.

 Evening Hymns - Cedars by wavelengthtoronto 

Model: Charvi Sarin
Photgrapher: Bhumika B

Much love,


  1. i really like how you said ".. someday they'll be back together."

  2. soulful . . peacful images, Bhumika and Charvi . . lovely.


  4. very calm n silent photography.....creating silent smile.....


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