I know i should blog more and this is unacceptable; But, things have been quite intense. First things first, Happy New Year (Lol!). Jan, well, was really interesting.
My New Year started off with a BANG! I was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a part of their cover story " People to look out for in 2012." It was surreal; thank you again. :) In case you haven't seen it yet,here is the article. :) I also started with a project called " Her Diary"- very close to my heart.

   That being said, after a few days (mid-jan)  i met with an accident, I was dropping off mum and a car tried to overtake my bike. Mum fell on the road and i lost my balance. At that point it didn't pain, but, it was later when i realized that it was serious.  My whole back was bruised and i wasn't even able to write a sentence or hold the camera. It was dreadful. The doctor told me that it'll take at least 2 months to recover.  I am still not allowed to pick up heavy objects, But i am at a much better place and i know that everything will be alright.
 Since everything was not going according to plan, i got another bad news from my  art director in New York. But, somehow i managed and worked things out.  I should listen to my heart more often. I want to be a better person- and  i am not saying just for the heck of it- i actually do mean it. I want the universe to take control of my soul. Trust the universe.
Well this pretty much sums up everything.  I'll blog more- i promise. :)

Much love,
Bee xx


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