New York Exhibit

"Bright Lights, Big Love." 

My first New York Exhibit. Though it was a group exhibition- the feeling was out of this world! Slow and steady. . :) I never like to rush into things. well there is one thing that photography has taught me is Patience. So many talented artists! For eg. I was sharing the space with the assistant editor of Marvel.

So, here are some of the pictures from the opening night at the Underline Gallery in Manhattan , New York.

Because of my injury, they also organised a raffle draw. If you  participate, you can win one of my prints!
Here is the link:

^ Better view^

                                                    And such lovely postcards!

Much love,


  1. Hello from Poland!! :D

    Love the photographs... and so sorry about the injury! :( Hope you're feeling better? :) I'll definitely participate!

  2. Exhibition sure looks out of this world thing.. Congrats.. And get well soon, hope you recover just fine in no time. :)

  3. Good to know about the progress you make... your work is certainly magical... keep it up! GBY!!!

  4. Congratulations how exciting! Looks amazing


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